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Paulo Saraiva aka Spirit Hood was born in 1982 in Portugal and in 1997 he discovers the psychedelic music. From that time he developed a particular fondness for this music style, and since that date is working on is development.

from an early age he began working in music programming giving more interest for the electronic music events production of the same category.

Passing the years he developed a special aptitude for the production of indoor and outdoor events like several parties in Portugal and other events through Europe.


In 2006 he discovered his true passion for the psybient music when he purchase the album of Hallocinogen in Dub Remixed by Ott. From then on he devoted himself exclusively to the production of chill out compilations passing by the follower styles: downtempo, psy dub, Ambient and cinematic music, having previously made a huge gender of mixes.


All of his work so far is target of a strong interest of many artists and promoters of psychedelic music around europe, and has already been called to perform in several countries from Europe such as Portugal, Austria, Germany, UK, Greece and Slovenia, where he has a strong social influence.